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DEAR SISTERS AND BROTHERS IN CHRIST: I pray that Almighty God bless each and every one of you and your family on Thanksgiving Day and at all times. We give thanks to Almighty God for his Gifts and Blessings upon St. Jerome Parish. Thanks for sharing your gifts and making your contributions for others to… Read more

Liturgy Meeting November 7 at 7:30PM

REMAINDER TO THE LITURGY COMMITTEE. Thursday November 13th. At 7:30 pm. We will meet in the Parish Hall in preparation for the Advent Liturgy. For more information, please call the Church office.

St Jerome Family day – Sept 28

Please come to celebrate St. Jerome Family and Feast day on Sept 28 after 11:00AM Mass. We will NOT  have the 10:00AM or 12:00 Noon Mass.